Learn more about COVID-19

No doubt, COVID-19 is the hottest topic in the world. It also affects our lives. At the same time, everyone is working hard to prevent the virus, constantly searching and trying any feasible measures, and even creating new methods and policies to deal with the epidemic.

Since we have been engaged in indoor air purification for many years, we understand that preventing indoor bacteria and viruses from spreading through the air and spreading on objects is very important and often overlooked.

Prevention tips

Recently, when we read the news and hear terms such as air circulation, air change per hour and aerosol, we will inevitably be confused.
Simply, we should consider the air circulation and air purification during taking prevention.
• Ensure indoor air circulation, evaluate and increase the number of air changes per hour according to the environment and needs
• Pay attention to whether there is sufficient fresh air and the relevant fresh air system should be purfied pollution air from outdoor. (learn more)
• Clean and check the ventilation system regularly
• Reduce indoor pollutants such as dust, bacteria, allergens, viruses and odors, etc
• Develop appropriate cleaning procedures and purchase high-quality cleaning products
• Use a apporiated air purifier for your environment
• To listen to more suggestions, welcome to contact us so that we can provide more precise suggestions according to your needs and actual environment (Tel: 852-3421 0167 and email:

High quality and affordable price

Mone Air Purifier

Mone COVI-19

Sterilization rate 99.9%

Independent and authority test results

Mone COVI-19

Against coronaviruses & influenza

Test reports show effective to remove different types of bacteria and virus

Mone COVI-19

Very cost-effective

Clean air delivery rate (CADR) up to 482 m3/h

Mone COVI-19

Users all over Hong Kong

Many schools, homes for the elderly, government and public and private organizations already is using

Mone COVI-19

Suitable for large area

Service area is up to 200-650 ft2

Mone H13

Medicine Grade


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TR activated carbon + HAT antibacterial

Break through tradition

TR activated carbon + HAT antibacterial

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Lavender Natural Aroma

More natural

Lavender Natural Scent

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Air vitamins


Air vitamins (ion)

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Mone COVI-19

Safe and reliable

Many security protections

Mone COVI-19

Innovation and Technology

With smart mode and intelligent filter replacement reminder

Mone COVI-19

Easy to use

Abandon the cumbersome operation method, simply operation